Ensuring each child settles into their new class quickly and happily

Transitioning to School life

Entry to Reception

Starting school is an exciting time but it can sometimes be difficult for younger children.

We therefore plan this time carefully to support children with the transition and to ensure it is as smooth as possible for each child and that they settle into their new class quickly and happily.

During the Summer Term (June/July) the Foundation Stage teachers will visit local nurseries or pre-schools. The teachers will meet the children and talk to pre-school staff about their individual strengths, needs, interests and areas for development. Before starting in September, the Foundation Stage staff will organise a home visit where they will visit children in their home. This is an excellent opportunity to begin to build positive relationships in a setting that is familiar to the child.

When the time arrives for children to start school officially in September, the following procedures will apply to enable children to gradually adjust to their surroundings:

Week 1: Children will attend a morning or afternoon session.

Week 2: All children attend morning sessions and stay for lunch.

Week 3: All children will start full-time.

Overstone Park Primary School assesses the children using the RBA baseline system from the Department for Education after they commence in the Reception class. The results of this assessment are used to guide classroom teaching, plan individual support, and to feed into Individual Education Plans where relevant.

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