Vision and Ethos

What our school stands for

Our ambition for our learners

Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to create an outstanding school, delivering strong academic achievement, developing strong values and promoting citizenship, community and service and to driving standards in the local area.

Our curriculum will promote social mobility and enhance the life chances of all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged.

Overstone Park Primary School will be a place that invests all its passion in what is good, recognising the powerful reality that what is done in the lives of our young people has to count. It will be the school of choice for parents who are proud to be ambitious, value academic success, and who want their children to achieve the fullest of their ability. Children will be thoughtful, lawful, disciplined, community-minded, respectful and embracing of diversity.

Key principles

Attainment for All

The ‘whole child’ will be brought into the classroom and each child’s needs met. We will offer a range of early intervention programmes to reduce the impact of negative factors in children’s lives. We will offer a rigorous academic curriculum and bring genuine choice to learners. Meaningful and diverse enrichment will ensure that all children gain a breadth of opportunity to spark their engagement.

Community Participation

Overstone Park Primary School will engage learners’ minds in the value of public service and participation, ensuring they graduate as responsible, active citizens, driven by a strong moral compass.

Stronger Society

We will build on the Trust’s heritage and grounding in public service, to develop all learners to create a stronger society through the promotion of citizenship and community. Overstone Park Primary School will promote an understanding of what it is to be a British citizen and to build cohesive communities.

As is the case with Wootton Park School, Overstone Park Primary School will follow a strong ethos to:

Develop learners who will help create a better society through the promotion of citizenship, community and service

Create a rigorous, broad and ambitious, knowledge-rich academic curriculum supported by high-quality extra-curricular provision

Grow a school at the heart of its community, helping to promote cohesion

Provide targeted support for every child who needs it, through high-quality classroom teaching and evidence-based targeted support including tutoring

Ensure the highest aspirations and ambitions for all

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